Tuesday, December 15, 2009


That twinkle in your eye
Your hearty laughter
The strict demeanor
Your tough exterior
The proud walk
Those elegant clothes
Those chocolate rum balls
Yes, the pineapple upside down cake too
That lecture about homework
The need to discipline
The quest for perfection
Right china and cutlery
Your wish for me to be betrothed
Your unwavering affection
That meaningful scrutiny
You guard me like a lioness does its cubs
Protected me with your wisdom
Cherished me with your unconditional love
Mama, love you right back!


Dusty roads and beyond capacity buses
Gossiping women in traditional garments
Wise men sitting by the roadside
Children playing with old tires
Getting my hair braided too tight
A riot in the making at the kiosk
Smell of roast tilapia and luwombo
That scorching heat engulfs me
That is the essence of my Africa


Guide me through all my trials
Save me from all my mistakes
Show me the proper way
Understand me always
You are my rock
My conscience
Always loyal
Forever true
Love you Dad

Friday, December 11, 2009


Those bells I see
Its here
The holiday cheer

Share and care
Tell it far and near
The festive mood is clear

As the season draws near
Full of love life and revere
I promise not to chug that beer
As I approach the new year

Monday, December 7, 2009


Spoken and not heard
Trying with no luck
Through the crowd
I feel stuck

My heart pounds faster
No end in sight
There goes the child's laughter
It echoes through the night

Blind as I am
I fear another day has passed me by
Inside is a wandering calm
I am at peace even as I cry

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Two pieces fall
Then three
I'm swimming in a sea of salt

Im short with you today
The classic its not you, its me theory
Run as fast as your legs can carry you

Drop them beneath me
That load is more than you can handle
Good riddance

Under Construction

That twist and turn
Overwhelming desire to scream
The shadow lurking
A passive encounter with my ego
Lingers on and on until its no more
Quite the charade

The venue is warm
I feel the echo of the stampede
Im in sync with the it all
It vibrates from within me
Takes hold completely
Denial is not an option