Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Cast doubt upon a known truth
A path of least resistance has been chosen
Its dire, needy, hopeless and a bit pathetic really
Longing to belong in a place and state of perpetual bliss

Is this real?
Am I dreaming - If I am I wish to remain asleep
For the earth is harsh, cold, desperate and ominous
A place full of gargoyles masked as heroes

Flicker that lighter against my skin
Makes me feel more alive than I have in ages
A sort of needed destruction of the body
This helps to free the mind of all evil, of everything


They drape the fine contours
With a whisper
So soft and pure
Along the backs of my thighs
They fall so gracefully

How delightful the feel
Of silk and air
The embroidery exquisite
Grand layers so well placed
Its a classic

Warm summer breeze
Smell of carnations
Crisp blue sky
That is what I remember
When I wear this dress

Monday, April 12, 2010


I shouldn't love you, they said
We aren't meant to be, they declared
Our differences outweigh our love
They so blindly concluded

My skin does not match yours
I am dark and proud
You are vanilla, sweet and comforting
I love you, not the colour of your skin

I am afraid sometimes
Of what they will do
When that anger erupts
We are one, take it or leave it.


Runs deep
So deep I can hardly breathe
I long to sleep

My eyes will not shut
A constant reminder of the sins
Perhaps I am a bit of a nut

Covered from head to toe
The water feels so warm and inviting
Sometimes I think I need more

What is it that I really need?
I don't even know
Too late, already done the deed.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Smile through the barb wire
Laugh with the wolves
Dance among the vultures
Don't forget to keep count

Shortened dreams I have
All cohesive but wild
Deep is the cut
Yet I still slumber

Laid here to rest
Soon I will rise
Perhaps even conquer
I'm still learning

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its that time
when all is clear
a word and song
reflects on it all
the pain and agony
of all our ancestors
to make this
and every other day
a memorable one
is hoping a crime?

So they said it would last
A little longer this time
I would do very little
Just so we could test the waters
Find out for ourselves
What lies beneath the facade
The constant smiles
that seem so sincere
yet behind them lies a sinister plot
Nothing will hold me back, not even the past

I gather these flowers beneath my feet
A constant reminder of what is to come
The beauty and life around
Is bestowed upon us by the most high
Why then does he forsake me?
I am starting to feel ignored
I have called to him many times
Sometimes I shouted
I bet you he heard me then
I cannot wait until we meet.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


They have cried their faces dry
Against their will,uprooted from their homes
On big ships they sailed far away
Never to see home again
Made a new home they did
Freedom they lacked
Escaping a fantasy they dare not try

Generations believed in silence
Of the heart and soul
Baring the burden of a slave
Is all they had ever known
Their offspring goods for trade
What insolence if they dared protest
Their captors displayed arrogance

They said we would never succeed
We were inferior, born to serve
A race of meek, simple minded people
Boy - how I wish they could see us now
Teachers, doctors, clergy, entrepreneurs
The list is endless and shall continue to grow
We as a people will never ever again concede

Monday, April 5, 2010


I wish for many a thing
Most I will not see in this lifetime
What I have will suffice
Though my mind can't help but wander sometimes
Always waiting for that phone to ring

Money, power and fame
Eludes me to no end
Is the measure of worth equivalent to my assets ?
Or have I never learnt how to play the game

Time and again I wonder
What life would be like had I not gotten on that plane
To another land with the promise of milk and honey
I just hope I do not end up going under

My fingers are crossed
As they seem to always be
I secretly wish to be somewhat relevant
Every action sometimes seems a little forced

Try as I may to be true to my art
Forces around me seem to pray my demise
I hate the idea of compromise and surrender
Backlash is imminent, but I am content for the most part

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Leaving seems so hard
Staying is an alternative
I hope he doesn't get mad

The words are trivial
Quiet aches and pains
My story is a little serial

Ruffle my feathers he did
Quiet down for a moment
Ultimately taking the lead