Friday, February 27, 2009


I have seen enough death to last me a lifetime,
I have taken part unwillingly in the demise of others.
My life is worth nothing not even a dime,
I am a child and live among murderers.

I wish to play and laugh with my friend,
I know that my life will never be the same.
I wish for a miracle for this to end,
This is my life it is not a game.

I want to grow old and live my life
Have a family and someday a wife.
Why did they take me,
Couldn't they let me be?
I am a child and I want to be free.


  1. This is a beautiful poem, Bags. The first line is haunting. I would like to see you write this poem in a non rhyme version. You have a gift for words and a voice that is clear and strong. I do not think you should limit or constrain you poetry with rhyme, meter and other conventions. Just focus on the word. Let the heart speak. You don't need to force the poetry. It is just there.

  2. This poem is amazing it speaks to you. Through this peoem it is making you see that you should be happy for what you have for other children do not. Share your poem with the world let them know what is happening around them.