Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I woke up this morning feeling down,
My heart a play list of every bad love song you've ever heard,
The pit of my stomach was turning every which way,
Begging for a release from this pain.

They say forgive but don't forget,
But how can I do one without the other?
How can I forsake my beliefs and opinions,
To protect another from my wrath?

I wonder if I should mitigate,
the severity of my own punishment is perplexing,
if not amusing.
The complete lunacy of it all is baffling,
at best profoundly entertaining.

My idiosyncrasy has made me my own worst enemy,
Struggling for acceptance and normalcy,
Which by my stands will never be achieved.

I shall not deter from the path I have chosen,
One that emulates my previous lives,
I have but one be infinite.

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