Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its that time
when all is clear
a word and song
reflects on it all
the pain and agony
of all our ancestors
to make this
and every other day
a memorable one
is hoping a crime?

So they said it would last
A little longer this time
I would do very little
Just so we could test the waters
Find out for ourselves
What lies beneath the facade
The constant smiles
that seem so sincere
yet behind them lies a sinister plot
Nothing will hold me back, not even the past

I gather these flowers beneath my feet
A constant reminder of what is to come
The beauty and life around
Is bestowed upon us by the most high
Why then does he forsake me?
I am starting to feel ignored
I have called to him many times
Sometimes I shouted
I bet you he heard me then
I cannot wait until we meet.

1 comment:

  1. reads like three separate poems, three stanzas, three poems, but very nice.