Monday, April 5, 2010


I wish for many a thing
Most I will not see in this lifetime
What I have will suffice
Though my mind can't help but wander sometimes
Always waiting for that phone to ring

Money, power and fame
Eludes me to no end
Is the measure of worth equivalent to my assets ?
Or have I never learnt how to play the game

Time and again I wonder
What life would be like had I not gotten on that plane
To another land with the promise of milk and honey
I just hope I do not end up going under

My fingers are crossed
As they seem to always be
I secretly wish to be somewhat relevant
Every action sometimes seems a little forced

Try as I may to be true to my art
Forces around me seem to pray my demise
I hate the idea of compromise and surrender
Backlash is imminent, but I am content for the most part

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