Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I never compromise
I always sacrifice
I give life
I am also someone's wife

I cook and clean
On occasion treated like a queen
I never have time
They say I have reached my prime

They suckle at my breast
The little ones will soon leave my nest
I can be over protective
Taught them all to be respective

Generations have come and gone
My fate is my own not drawn
I am a wife, lover and mother
Unique and unlike any other.


  1. Great poem! i love the drawing! Corin

  2. Bags,
    I love the art work. You are really evolving a style the exudes emotion, abstract thinking / ideas, color, and visualization. I think that you are making real progress compared to where you were a year ago. It's amazing. I would love to see you study under someone to work on technique and craft. Bronz.

  3. Thanks for comments, I really do appreciate your insight Bronz.

  4. Simply beautiful. I love the rhymes and the message. Thanks for sharing.