Thursday, October 29, 2009


One and only lover
Never will I find another
Stares linger throughout supper
Always so gentle and tender
Lay with me forever
Your kisses I savor


  1. A Poem, From Bag's Friend

    It is time to cash in my chips

    What is there left for living

    It is all dead

    The life in me is all dead

    The daylight is my prison

    It surrounds me in the sunken light

    Dreams crushed and hopes hung out to dry

    What is left?

    I would rather be in night, my sweet night

    Alone in my night a wistful lover

    where I can fly away in my dreams and be free

    Alone and free

    I can't take the life anymore

    I live for the night

    The night is my sweet death

    And I am buried in darkness

  2. B? Nooooo, beautiful poem but noooooooooo. I forbid you from having such thoughts, i much prefer your lurid thoughts...heyyyy!!!!!!!! LOL

    Trying to see the humor in this situation. We shall talk later!